Finding the light of motivation in the midst of the darkest recession

Downsizing, salary cuts, declining sales, re-defining the budgets, customers struggling to pay and you in turn stretching your credit to the limits to maintain a balancing act. Some of the headlines of the everyday business at the moment. Throw in some of the new tax charges and rising service costs and you have most of the headaches lined up.

If you happen to tune into news stations or read a morning paper during your commute to the office or workstation, no doubt you will hear enough reasons to take the good out of any ‘good morning’. So how do you keep yourself motivated and how do you motivate your team in the midst of all the doom and gloom patter?

First things first. It is vital that you, the boss or the leader of the company, division, department or crew, remain positive and an inspiration to those who look up to you for guidance and inspiration. This could be seen as additional pressure but one sure fact is that once we get ourselves into a positive mood and begin to behave in a positive fashion the vibe we generate becomes infectious.

It is important to rise early, perhaps one half hour earlier than usual, to allow yourself time to strengthen your resolve to face into the challenges of the day ahead. You need some exercise – a brisk mile around the block getting fresh air into your lungs – or simply a series of exercises to get the blood flowing. Shower, followed by a nourishing porridge and/or fruit and then allow 5 minutes for an inspirational reading and another 5 minutes to meditate on the theme for the day.

Arrive to your work place early and welcome your colleagues as they arrive.

Enquire about their family and friends and any recent news they may have, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of any nature. Try to develop a ‘happy go lucky’ repartee around the workplace to ensure a convivial atmosphere as people arrive and start their day.

Sharing information about the business and inviting ideas and comments from your team is the fast track way to positive motivation. If we are informed we feel involved. If we are asked for our opinions on the work in hand, we are made to feel important. If we have suggestions that are incorporated into the process, we feel fulfilled.

Celebrate the events of the day. All birthdays should be celebrated and any exciting events – for example if the sales team have just achieved a major new listing with a Key Account – everyone should celebrate it – if only with a pastry and a cup of tea.

At the launch of a new range of products, everyone in the company should be brought together to recognise the importance of the occasion, and how important their support for the product will mean, when it comes to determining the success or failure of the venture.

At the end of a busy day try to be around when your team are heading off home. Be sure to say ‘safe home’ and ‘thank you’ for your work today. Small things mean a lot when you are heading home tired at the end of a busy day.

Take a little time to yourself and allow your brain to switch off the work mode, before driving home to your family. They too deserve your best attention in the evening time.

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