Management Training is focused to meet the requirements of your Managers.



This course was designed by Robert McKernan and Jim Coffey, who between them have over fifty years Sales Management experience, through the recessions and depressions of the eighties and nineties, to the glorious days of the Celtic tiger and into the now infamous ‘noughties’. It gives a very clear and concise insight into the world of sales for those senior managers who have not had frontline experience in the sales field. It also addresses how to ensure a clear line of communication between the manager and his team.

The first phase focused on ‘Planning’, which really sets the goals for every action of each salesperson, over a given month, and how and when progress against agreed targets is reported. Leadership skills are vital when managing salespeople and there is an opportunity to measure the managers leanings towards being the ‘boss’ as opposed to becoming an inspirational leader that every good salesperson would want to work for.

The second phase addresses the sales process and how a salesperson must adapt his or her skills to match the demands and idiosyncrasies of every buyer. Identifying character traits and learning to be a good listener and showing empathy with the buyer’s situation. Next we cover presentation skills and how to highlight the features and benefits of any given product or service. This phase concludes with the key checkpoints to ensure a successful outcome to any tough negotiation process.

In phase three we address the importance of coaching skills, understanding the need for coaching and how to set up the correct structure. We cover developing the coaching document and when to accompany your salesperson and how to conduct the coaching structure discussion. Observation, analysis, feedback and follow-up are vital to drive success in this area.

The final phase addresses motivating the Sales Team by understanding the hierarchy of needs of the individual and identifying the particular needs of the different individuals who make up the members of your team. This is a full and demanding one-day course which will afford the participants a complete understanding of the demands of successful selling in a difficult market situation.




  • Getting your sales team organised to perform
  • Creating team clarity
  • Meetings, how, when and the agenda
  • The questions to ask and your leadership style
  • Cutting through the excuses on performance by measuring the pipeline and the cross-selling opportunities
  • Integrating store knowledge on building activity in the area across the team from delivery men to leads on the commencement notices and CIS activity
  • Paperwork – what is actually required and is practical


Sales Process:

  • How to identify where a salesperson is going wrong
  • Understand the different styles of salespeople on your team
  • How best to deal with them
  • What is our sales process that we measure across
  • Personal impact on-site – the way we look and what to bring onto a site
  • Getting information and the skills
  • Giving information and the skills
  • Getting agreement and the skills



  • How to spend half a day in the car with a salesperson and discuss opportunities to dramatically improve their performance
  • Develop a coaching document
  • Understanding your sales coaching cycle
  • Practice it



  • Sales team motivation types and how to support them
  • Standards, innovation and recognition
  • Reward systems for sales and the supporting teams within the organisation.