To create effective teams management must first of all get involved. Team building is not a spectator sport. Managers with great leadership skills make great team builders as they understand that they must be true to themselves when they work in the business or away from the business on a team building exercise.

Any team must understand the mission or goal of the business and if the manager does not have a clear understanding of where the business is going he/she cannot, by definition, take his team along the road to success.



Everyone needs to understand the mission.

Common Goals
We need to get ‘buy-in’ with passion.

Clarity of Roles
A clear understanding of what is expected on all sides.

Training and Practice
You need Team Members who are good at what they do.

Position Players
You must be as good as you can get to, at what you do.

  • Backup: Use buddies to understand what must be done and agree the end is as required.
  • Allegiance: People need to know they can trust their leader to back the team and stand up for them.
  • Support and praise: Recognise and applaud good work. ‘Thank you’ the two best words we can hear.
  • Motivation: Self-managing teams are highly motivated and the shared responsibility brings outstanding results
  • Attention to problems: Deal with problems early on when they are small and manageable.

When you set-off on a Team Building Mission remember it is leadership that counts.

The Boss
Administers, maintains, Controls, does things right and manages tasks.

The Leader
Innovates, develops people, empowers, and develops trust, does the right things and leads.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

– Henry Ford