Spiritbiz provide Management Consulting for Small Business and Consulting on Business Management Services with business owners, focused on improving existing business operations.

We are expert in:

  • business plan consulting
  • effective pricing
  • stock planning
  • sales and marketing
  • employee motivation
  • leadership training
  • management techniques
  • succession planning
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • strategic planning
  • business coaching
  • leadership training
  • management techniques


Our management consultancy will provide an in-depth look at how your business operates, on a daily basis, looking at the key components of where you see your business going and what are your plans are for your business future. We will review the company’s P and L and the cost base, sales and marketing, stockholding and logistical costs, employee turnover, service provided to your customers, payment terms and cash flow, and all the aspects that may affect your business performance.

As part of this service we will provide a detailed report on the strengths and weakness of your daily business and identify the solutions to each impending problem, with on-site and offsite support.

Once we have had the opportunity to become familiar with your business and establish a relationship with you, we can meet on a regular basis in our ‘online meeting room’ or at your offices to progress issues on a weekly basis.