Bring the ‘SPIRIT OF WINNING’ to your Business.

Spirit Enterprises Ltd. is a company dedicated to improving the performance of your business. We focus on training and mentoring the key people in your business. We have a wide experience in purchasing, sales & marketing, and we pride ourselves on getting the very best from the people we work with. We believe in setting achievable standards, allowing freedom to innovate while all the time seeking to reward excellence. We can advise on motivational programmes to harness the goodwill and commitment of all your team as you move your business forward to a new level.

Call Jim Coffey, Managing Director today to set up an initial consultation and together we can build a new future for your business.

Jim Coffey has 35 years experience in Senior Management. He commenced his career in Guinness Ireland, moving on to become Sales Director of Kraft Ireland during the volatile 70’s and 80’s.

He was appointed Managing Director of R.S. Sales Ltd. in 1987, where he grew the business through developing a strong sales ethos and launching numerous successful new brands (e.g. Deville, Durabond, Ettore, HG and Harris) into the Irish hardware market. In 2002 he lead a successful MBO and subsequently sold the business in 2007.

Jim is the founder and Managing Director of Spirit Enterprises Ltd., a company which provides Management Consulting and Training Services in Leadership Development, Sales Training, Motivation and developing Emotional Intelligence by using the Enneagram in Business. Jim also specialises in ‘One-to-One’ mentioning.